Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

Our Atmospheric Water Generator extracts the humidity in the air and turns it into pure drinking water.

The water production capacity relies on the level of humidity in the air and the temperature. The humidity level should be in excess of 35% for the machine to reach optimal production, fortunately the average humidity in Thailand is well above that level.

The water is treated by UV-Lights and multiple filters to ensure every drop stays fresh and clean for your consumption.


Production Water Tank

The production tank hold the freshly produced drinking water.​

LCD Display

The color LCD display gives a complete overview of the water generator

Hot Water Tank

The hot water tank contains on-demand hot water at 75 to 95°C.

Cold Water Tank

The cold water tank contains on-demand cold water at 4 to 10°

3 UV Lights

UV-Lights are in the water tanks (except hot water) and before the water faucet.

4-stage Filtration

Carbon filter, nanometer photocatalysis carbon filter,nanometer molecular sleve, reverse osmosis

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