Water Filters

We are a Supplier of KSH & Cadar filter nozzles and drainage systems, made of plastic and stainless steel for water and wastewater treatment.

We always react flexibly to requests and can be sure to meet the high quality demands of our customers.

Cadar as a well-known designer and supplier of filter nozzles and distribution systems has used this platform to develop new products and systems. These include the highly successful monolithic cast in place concrete filter floor and more diverse products such as Resin Traps, air scour systems, header & Lateral under drains and specialist spray nozzles.


KSH - Filter nozzles & Accessories

Our filter nozzles are used in water treatment plants all over the world.
With their tightly tolerated slot openings, they hold the filter media back and provide an equal distribution during backwash of air.

KSH - Manifold heads & Accessories

We have designed and developed our connection fittings and manifold heads, specifically for use with small or medium pressure tanks with 2 1/2”8NPSM or 4″8UN thread connections.


KSH - Star Systems & Accessories

In filter systems without a filter floor, star systems are used for equal distribution of liquids.
The tightly tolerated slots of the filter arms ensure that the filter medium remains in the tank, while the filtrate can be discharged.

Cadar - Monolithic Filter Floors

Two types of floor are available:

  • Flat panel system ideal for retrofit applications and restricted head situations.
  • Corrugated panel system ideal for new construction and large areas.

Filter Nozzles

Options from our nozzle range are too many to count. Thread, Slot Size, Length or Installation Method, We have a Filter Nozzle that will Fit.

We can supply a full range of Stainless Steel Filter Nozzles, Top Hats, Hubcadar.ltd.uk/index.php/stainless-steels, Headers and Laterals.

Under-Drain Systems


  • Municipal rapid gravity sand filters.
  • Activated carbon vessels.
  • Large ion exchange columns.
  • Swimming pool filters.

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