Water Pumps and Valves

We have been supplying innovative and reliable engineered pumps to a number of key markets worldwide for over the decades. All of Torishima pumps are tailor-made and constantly improved based on customers’ requirements and feedbacks. We never compromise the quality to meet, even beyond our customer expectations.

Bundor owns a variety of testing equipment. All products will be inspected comprehensively.We have hundreds of professional processing equipment. Accessories processing adopts CNC equipment and appropriative production machine.Thanks to the circulating and filtering systems Bundor can achieve zero release. The special processing and combination technology also improve the utilization rate of the material.

The butterfly valve has a simple structure, excellent performance and widely used.The product can be installed on corrosive and non-corrosive gases, liquids, semi-fluids, and solid powder pipelines and containers in petroleum, chemical, textile, papermaking, hydropower, marine, urban water supply and drainage, smelting, and energy systems. which used as a regulating and shut-off device.


CAL(casting iron)

The TORISHIMA CA series are high efficiency end-suction volute pump, called “Torishima Eco Pump”. 
They ensure high performance operation for general pumps to meet the customers’ individual requirement

CDM Pump

The TORISHIMA CDM is a horizontal axially split double-suction pump used in a wide range of applications 
such as seawater desalination plants, power plants, water and waste water, water transmission and irrigation etc.
Double suction and three-dimensional impeller gives low NPSH requirements and high efficiency. Upper half casing 
can be simply disassembled without disturbing pipework. This enables easy maintenance and routine inspection. 

CDMV is a vertical type of the CDM, installeable at limited space.

CFV Pump

The TORISHIMA CFV is a vertical mixed-flow volute pump,mainly used as relay pumps in sewage treatment system.
The solids handling design prevents clogging of the pump casing and impeller. 
Number of vanes can be reduced depending on the condition of sewage.
The volute casing is equipped with a window for easy internal inspection.
Single-floor type, two and three-floor type installation available.

Lever Operated Butterfly Valve

pump valve

Flanged Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic /Motorized butterfly Valve

The Repair & Refrubisment
of water pumps

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